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MRO America Show 2021

April 2021

Sheffield in its ongoing commitment to our customers, suppliers partners, and the traveling public, will be attending the Aviation Week MRO Americas being held April 27-29, 2021 in Orlando Florida. We look forward to meeting current customers and partner suppliers, and new potential customers/ airlines and suppliers. If there is anything that is true is that this industry is resilient and full of bright and hard-working people dedicated to the safety of the flying public above all.

As such, we are proud to be a part of the large number of registered attendees working hard to bring our industry back and better than it was before!

Sheffield Aerospace Engineering Innovations

October 2020

Sheffield Aerospace has again been published in Aviation News Week, MRO Interiors & Connectivity section in the recent article titled “Engineering Innovations Focus On COVID-19 Cabin Redesign“. Check out the innovative work Sheffield is spearheading with its partner suppliers for its customers and the travel industry. The first installation of its kind on an aircraft accomplished by Sheffield’s engineering team at a prominent airline customer.

Introduction of Antimicrobial Materials

July 2020

Sheffield has a history of innovation and exceptional supplier partners. As the coronavirus continues to negatively impact airline travel, now more than ever there is a need to build trust and confidence in air travel. In that spirit, Sheffield has partnered with several of its partner suppliers to introduce antimicrobial materials to high-touch items in the cabin. From seats to lavatory parts and everything in between to help airlines further build the confidence and safety of their customers and staff. In most cases, these improvements can be done at no additional cost and in some cases at a reduced cost from current expenditures.

Sheffield continues to be dedicated to its hallmark core values of safety, compliance, and reliability and these new product characteristics will further cement our commitment to our customers and partners. We look forward to working with everyone in the industry to ensure everyone’s success.

Covid Response

Coronavirus Update:

April 2020

We, at Sheffield Aerospace, are dedicated to ensuring our hallmark core values safety, compliance and reliability are uncompromised. This extends not only to the work we do on aircraft but most importantly the people we interface with, starting with our employees, our customers, partner suppliers, and everyone we may come in contact with. As the pandemic changes the way we work in proximity to people, at Sheffield it has not changed our commitment to safety.

Now more than ever, Sheffield is committed to ensuring our customer’s and partners’ success. We are working diligently to develop new ways to provide the same or higher quality engineering services including our signature Alternate Materials Solution Program™ (AMSP™) to help ensure everyone’s success during these trying times. We will be posting more information on these developments as they become available.

In the meantime, we wish everyone and their families a safe and healthy pandemic recovery and look forward to continuing and strengthening the great relationships we have in the airline industry and beyond.

Sheffield Aerospace Heads to AIX 2020

Get ready, because Sheffield Aerospace is attending the 20th annual Aircraft Interiors Expo located in Hamburg, Germany between March 31st and April 2nd! AIX is the premier showcase event for all of the latest innovations within the airline interiors industry. We are proud to join over 550 exhibiting companies and over 16,000 aviation decision-makers from around the globe at this event.

Aircraft Interiors Expo

Myrna Gil has joined Sheffield Aerospace

January 2019

Myrna has joined Sheffield Aerospace’s PMA/OOPP program as Vice President Latin America PMA/OOPP Program supporting Latin American customers.  Myrna obtained her Master’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Phoenix and her Bachelor’s in Applied Physics with 2 minors, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Psychology, from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Myrna worked for Delta Air Lines as an engineering contractor/consultant providing Operational Support and Cabin Maintenance Project support to improve the customer experience.  She helped optimize the Owner Operator Produced Parts (OOPP) process while leading the beta testing program for new Marketing and Executive initiatives, and prototype program to capture new OOPP’s reliability data.  She worked on multiple aircraft modifications to improve the customer’s cabin experience and the reliability of the overall operation of the aircrafts.  She also worked on the new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) program for all emergency equipment and life-limited parts capturing the manufacturer’s part number, serial number, and expiration date of these parts installed in the entire Delta Air Lines fleet, new aircrafts, and those aircrafts under modification.

In her new role at Sheffield Aerospace, Myrna will provide support to Sheffield Aerospace Latin America customers for PMA approvals and implementing the OOPP process while approving new OOPP.  Myrna’s experience, background, and domain of Spanish will propel Sheffield’s growth in the Latin American countries.


September 2018

Sheffield Aerospace is very pleased to announce and welcome Teddy Gil, a 31-year aerospace industry veteran, as SVP Engineering, Product Design & Process Improvement.   This is a new position within the company where Teddy will focus on Owner Operator Produced Parts (OOPP’s) and Process Improvements for our company’s growing client base.

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Sheffield Aerospace is pleased to announce and welcome Phillip Cheng as Manager and Principal Electrical Engineer. Phillip will join Sheffield Aerospace’s Owner Operator Produced Parts (OOPP) group. As principal engineer on this team, Phillip will focus on resolving operator pain points such as lead times, part cost, and part reliability.

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