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Heritage and Mission

Engine BladesSheffield Aerospace provides specialized professional consulting services to the aerospace industry. The heritage of the executive team proudly traces to Sequa Corporation, a $2B Fortune 1000 company, and Chromalloy Gas Turbine, which grew under their leadership to become the largest independent provider of aftermarket gas turbine advanced component repairs, coatings, and alternative parts, providing tremendous savings to the global air carriers, military, ground-based turbine users, and the Maintenance / Repair / Overhaul (MRO) facilities. The founders established SJH Sheffield Holdings in 2010. Which, in addition to Sheffield Aerospace, includes Sheffield Scientific and Hartigen, energy sector companies engaged in fossil-fuel/nuclear power industry consulting, customized IT solutions & decision support software; as well as Tomcat Aviation, an aerospace MRO with broad capabilities.

The strength of Sheffield Aerospace today lies in our company’s broad aviation industry experience and deep understanding of the needs of carrier clients. We have the relevant experience, analytical tools, and data to hit the ground running. Each associate recognizes that helping our clients be successful requires much more than using “canned”, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our engagements provide unbiased support to client engineering and supply chain organizations, reducing their material maintenance expense. We create value for our clients by leveraging existing client resources with focused, expert support that is compatible with each client’s culture, philosophy, and objectives.


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Links: Sheffields Scientific.com, LLC  |  Hartigen Solutions, LLCTomcat Aviation LLC


Meet the Team

Key Leaders

Stephen Standley Head Shot

Standley is the co-founder, President and Chief Operating Officer of SJH Sheffield Aerospace, LLC. Steve holds an MBA and Master degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mexican History from Texas A&M University.

As the President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, Steve embodies its mission statement, “Safety, Compliance and Aircraft Reliability are our Hallmark”. From his early days as a newly graduated Mechanical Engineer at Halliburton, Steve was recognized as a gifted “fixer”, one who can focus in to identify a problem and offer the high quality, reliable working solution every time, often designing and developing patented tools and processes along the way. After his professional advancement in the oil and gas industry, Steve recognized the need for specialized problem solving in the aerospace industry. Co-founded in SJH Sheffield Aerospace in 2010, Steve recognized the alternate materials and engineering arena provided not only solutions to airlines and suppliers, but it provided high quality and reliable solutions in keeping with his personal values and commitment. Steve is dedicated to providing his customers with unparalleled service through partnering with them to realize not only savings, but increased reliability and performance of the aircraft overall, an incalculable value.

Joshua A Weinstein Head shot

Joshua A Weinstein, Chief Financial Officer: BS in Accounting & BS in Finance from University of Southern California, CPA,

Joshua’s chief responsibilities are serving as the chief financial officer of Sheffield Scientific, LLC, and its subsidiaries.

Joshua brings more than 18 years of financial experience to the Sheffield Team.

Teddy Gil Headshot

in Teddy Gil - Chief Administrative Officer: MBA from University of Tennessee’s Executive Program, BSME from Georgia Institute of Technology, FAA Licensed A&P,

Teddy’s responsibilities include oversight of Sheffield’s corporate administration and programs, Delta’s OOPP team, product design improvements, quality, compliance, overall OOPP process & procedures, and product and process innovations for aviation/ aerospace products.

Teddy brings more than 31 years of airline/ aerospace experience to the Sheffield team.

David Beal, VP Program Management

in David Beal - EVP Sales and Program Management: B.S. in Business Management, A.S. in Aviation Maintenance, FAA Licensed A&P

David’s responsibilities include identifying and developing new business, growing existing business, on-site program setups, establishing procedures to align with customer operations, with technical expertise in alternate material and repair solutions along with establishing and maintaining program project goals.

David brings more than 29 years of airline/ aerospace experience to the Sheffield team.

James Stillwell Head shot

James Stillwell, Vice President & Program Manager

James responsibilities include providing direction and technical expertise in maintaining program timelines execution for American Airlines.

James has a total of 35 years of experience with airlines and the aerospace industry.

Myrna Gil

in Myrna Gil - Vice President of PMA, OOPP: Master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from the University of Phoenix, Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and Minors in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Psychology from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Myrna’s responsibilities include maintaining the Latin American Airlines' program, provide engineering support, program timelines, execution on/off-site, optimize/implement airline’s OOPP process and procedures, innovate new airline’s products, and manage special projects and modifications.

Angela May Head shot

Angela May, Vice-President/Controller:  Masters and bachelor’s degrees from Texas A&M University, CPA License.

Angela’s responsibilities include overseeing the overall corporate office functions including accounting and human resources.  Angela’s team handles all accounts payable, client invoicing, payroll and benefit and contract administration.  Angela is also involved in the annual budget process and financial review and cash management operations.

Angela brings more than 18 years of experience and knowledge to the Sheffield team.

Phillip Cheng Head shot

Phillip Cheng, Director of Operations - OOPP Engineering, Principle Electrical Engineer & Lighting SME: BSEE from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Phillip’s responsibilities include providing on-site engineering support and program timelines and execution on site for the Delta Air Lines program with oversight of electrical engineering projects supporting Owner Operator Produced Parts.

Phillip brings over 8 years of EE experience specializing in embedded systems hardware, software, and controls, three years specifically focused on aircraft electrical systems, and aircraft lighting.

i∀ Team

Arjun Rajakutty, Manager of Engineering Operations

Arjun Rajakutty, Senior Program Engineer, B.E Mechanical Engineering at Anna University in India, M.S Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Oklahoma State University

Arjun’s responsibilities include providing on-site engineering support, program timelines and execution on site for the American Airlines program specializing in aircraft interior projects in addition to working on projects related to other ATAs. He also manages and provides technical support to various operations with respect to the Sheffield parts database.

Arjun brings over 6 years of airline/aerospace engineering experience to the team.

i∀ Team

Our Keys to Success

  • Sheffield Aerospace’s management and staff comprise a unique blend of former industry executives, business leaders, and highly-qualified engineering specialists with diverse backgrounds in commercial and military aerospace, commercial carriers, OEMs, MRO providers, PMA companies, and the FAA.
  • Sheffield Aerospace has proven in every engagement that we have the resourcefulness to generate significant and measurable cost savings and compelling ROIs. Our track record is our testimonial.
  • When dealing with our clients’ supply chain organizations, we maintain strict neutrality and impartiality. There is no substitute for trust and confidence.
  • We believe in the importance of defining and establishing key performance and activity metrics. This is an important element in keeping all internal stakeholders up-to-date on program progress.
  • Our industry is based on the premise of safety, compliance, and reliability. This will always be Sheffield’s uncompromising mindset and hallmark.