Our Specialty

Engineers Working on PlansSheffield Aerospace has become a global leader in provisioning and managing professional engineering and supply chain resource support for airline and MRO material solution programs. Our company specializes in safely and compliantly identifying, evaluating, and introducing alternate material solutions (PMA, STC, OOP Parts & DER Repairs) into the airline’s operating system.

We do this by engineering solutions into the aircraft, working with the airline engineering and supply chain organizations. From part identification/conception to full approval systems including the update of airline manuals and on-wing performance tracking & measurement of solutions, we offer much more than just a “PMA Program”. This is a real intelligent sourcing and engineering program. We provide on-site engineers to handle the advanced engineering and software required to manage and sustain the complete Material Solution system, while providing the model with a No Cost option to the airline.

Our experience, specialized toolsets, and sophisticated database software will provide gains in cost reduction, increased reliability, and decreased lead-times as these alternate materials are introduced and consumed. Our Total Solution System includes, but is not limited to:

Our Services

  • Aerospace Program Management
  • Material Solutions - PMA, OOPP, DER Material Total Support (From Supply Chain Management to Engineering Approvals)
  • Warranty Program Development and Management
  • Engineering Document and Tech Pubs Management
  • Configuration Review and Control
  • Reliability Program Implementation and Management
  • Engineering, Supply Chain, and Tech Pubs Process Improvement & Optimization
  • Aerospace Engineering Services
  • Fleet Engineering
  • Fleet Management Engineering
  • Propulsion Engineering
  • Interiors Engineering
  • Workscope Engineering
  • Operations Support Engineering
  • Liaison Engineering
  • Component Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Aerospace Consulting Engineering Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Support and Auditing
  • Investment, Merger, and Acquisition Consulting
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Support, and Auditing
  • Software Design, Development, & Support

Engineer Working on Computer

Our Skills

  • PMA Processes & Program Management
  • OOPP Processes & Program Management
  • STC Project Development and Approval Process
  • Repair Development and Authorization Processes– Aircraft, Engines, and Components
  • Reverse Engineering Processes
  • Rapid Prototyping Project Management
  • Aircraft Interior Design, Alterations, & Modifications
  • Aircraft Interior Project Management
  • Workscope Development/Implementation – Components & Interiors
  • Aircraft Structures Engineering Repair Authorizations
  • ERP Systems – SCEPTRE, SAP, DECS
  • Warranty Management Programs
  • Aircraft Interior Lighting Design & Alterations
  • Aircraft Interior Lighting LED Modifications & Alternations
  • Aircraft Interior Electrical System Trouble Shooting
  • Reliability Troubleshooting and Analysis – Aircraft, Engines, & Components
  • Aircraft Interior Problem Solving and Innovation
  • Aircraft Interior Branding & Marketing Program Development
  • Aircraft Maintenance Program Oversight, Back End Support, Implementation
  • Maintenance Manual Support, Publication, and Oversight

  • Component/Part Beyond Economical Repair (BER) Program and Analysis
  • Avionics Engineering, Trouble Shooting, Support
  • Tooling Creation, Design, Certification, Approval, Compliance with Precision Measuring Equipment Tooling (PMET)
  • Liaison Engineering - Aircraft Structures, Electrical, Interior, Operations Support
  • Customer Satisfaction to Maintenance /Aircraft Interior Correlation Analysis
  • New Part Design, Certification, Production, Airline Approval, and Installation


Engineers Working on Jet Engine

System Expertise & Coverage

Sheffield Aerospace has experience in virtually all ATA Chapters, nose-to-tail, and wingtip-to-wingtip. Our coverage includes, but is not limited to:

Aircraft Systems: Air Conditioning & Pressurization, Communications, Electrical Power, Equipment & Furnishings, Fire Protection, Flight Controls, Fuel, Hydraulic Power, Ice & Rain Protection, Landing Gear, Lights, Navigation, Oxygen, Pneumatics, Water & Waste, Inert Gas Systems, and APU

Structures: Cargo, Doors, Fuselage, Nacelles / Pylons, Stabilizers, Windows, and Wings

Power Plant: Engine, Engine Fuel & Control, Ignition, Air, Exhaust, Oil

All criticality levels are supported.

While every program will be different, depending on client needs and objectives, you can be certain that our rigorous analytics, balanced with practical, experienced judgement, will deliver real business solutions.

Safety & Compliance

Sheffield Aerospace makes it an imperative to ensure that our clients stay up-to-date on all FAA, EASA, and other pertinent national airworthiness authority regulatory and compliance requirements, particularly those aspects that relate to independent alternative material solutions. Our staff includes principals that have extensive experience working for and with the FAA, EASA, and other airworthiness authorities. This experience base includes trained air safety investigation, and working with ACO’s, MIDO’s, FSDO’s, and Directorates. Our principals maintain close contact with their airworthiness authority counterparts for guidance and clear interpretation of regulations and procedures, ensuring that projects do not stall out due to policy uncertainty.