Covid Response

Coronavirus Update:

April 2020

We, at Sheffield Aerospace, are dedicated to ensuring our hallmark core values safety, compliance and reliability are uncompromised. This extends not only to the work we do on aircraft but most importantly the people we interface with, starting with our employees, our customers, partner suppliers, and everyone we may come in contact with. As the pandemic changes the way we work in proximity to people, at Sheffield it has not changed our commitment to safety.

Now more than ever, Sheffield is committed to ensuring our customer’s and partners’ success. We are working diligently to develop new ways to provide the same or higher quality engineering services including our signature Alternate Materials Solution Program™ (AMSP™) to help ensure everyone’s success during these trying times. We will be posting more information on these developments as they become available.

In the meantime, we wish everyone and their families a safe and healthy pandemic recovery and look forward to continuing and strengthening the great relationships we have in the airline industry and beyond.